June 21, 2011

Is My Conduct Worthy?

"Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ."
Philippians 1:27

None of us is worthy of the gospel of Christ, but because of that gospel, He saved us.  We're asked to conduct ourselves in ways that shout loudly that we are different than the rest of the world.  A believer's actions and attitudes are crucial to their witness.  Someone is always watching!

Our small group families recently met at a local park to do a fun photography contest.  We broke into random groups and had a list of things of which we had to take photos.  Isn't our pyramid lovely?  Yes, that's me in the center on the bottom row.  We had 3 groups of us doing these crazy stunts all over the park.  So yes, we created quite a spectacle.  Do you think anyone asked about it?  YES!  We could then share about our small group, where we go to church, and most importantly, give an example of good clean family fun!

I've been sharing this verse with my kids as well.  It is a hard verse for them to take to heart, especially when things get hard at school or with friends.  But we continue to work on it, and hope that it sinks deep into their soul.
It's kinda like that old TV show, Candid Camera....When you least expect it....someone is watching!!!!

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  1. We always remind our kids when they are out in public or away from us with friends or other family "Remember whose you are, not just who you are. Would people want to be a christian if you were it's only example?" Keeping that in our minds really changes how we all act.

    BTW---love your small group's idea! That is awesome!


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