July 6, 2011

Parade of Ponds

I'm getting really excited for the Parade of Ponds coming up very soon on July 16 from 9-4 in Bloomington Normal.  The annual event is sponsored by the Central Illinois Water Garden Club.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Beth Smith, the club's president, and was honored to get a tour of her gardens. As I suspected, her pond is spectacular!  As I walked around the corner from her driveway into the backyard, a quiet, relaxing oasis awaited me.  I told Beth I just wanted to stay for the entire afternoon!

Isn't it just lovely?  I am so drawn to water features of any kind, and Beth's place was right up my alley.  The Parade of Ponds will feature 10 ponds and gardens.  Tickets are a bargain at only $10, and the proceeds are donated to The Community Cancer Center.

Parade of Ponds tickets on sale NOW at:

  • AB Hatchery
  • Bellas Home and Garden Center
  • Casey's Garden Shop
  • Community Cancer Center
  • Garlic Press
  • Greiders
  • Growing Grounds
  • Niepagen's Greenhouse and Garden Center
  • Owens Nursery on Morrissey

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