November 22, 2011

Prayer Helps for the Memory Challenged!

As a mom, do you feel overwhelmed by the ways we should be lifting our children before the Throne of God?

As a wife, do you find yourself frustrated that you haven't covered your husband in prayer?

As a friend, are you embarrassed when you realize you promised a friend you would pray, but you forgot?

me too

I finally gave up trying to remember all that I wanted to pray about and journaling isn't really my style, so I decided that I needed a new system.  A colored coded system was in order!  I found a set of 3x5 index cards in three colors; pink, blue and green.  This would work perfectly for my plan.  All prayers that are for my girls are on the pink cards, prayer for my husband are on green cards, prayers for myself are on blue cards, and prayers for others will be plain white cards.

I then sat down with some of my favorite authors prayer books and copied onto the cards many of those things that I wanted to be more intentional about praying, including scripture that applied to each prayer.  I chose the small cards because I want them to fit in my purse and be portable.  Then when I am out and have a few minutes of down or waiting time, I can take my cards out and say a few prayers in my extra moments of quiet.

I've also kept in my packet, simply kept together with a rubber band, blank white cards so when a friend mentions something they could use prayer over, I can simply write it down, then and there, so I won't forget!

I'm going to be using this same method for things that I want to be praying on my trip to Haiti on December 2-9.  I can easily jot down prayers and have them easily tucked away in my pocket for those moments of waiting.  I'll also be recording some scripture to include in this packet that I can be memorizing and referencing when our team needs encouragement.  

Have you come up with a system that works for you?  Would you share it with us?


  1. This is just brilliant...simple, yet very brilliant!

    Is this your first time going to Haiti? My parents are missionaries there and I was born & raised there! Blessing on your travels and what you & team set your hands to!

  2. What a great idea. I think I might just copy your idea as I need to be better at praying for others. My husband and I are about to start a study on prayer which looks like it is a good one by reading the first chapter.
    Bless you for sharing your great idea and may you be wonderfully blessed during your trip to Haiti.

  3. Love the idea, especially the color coding of the cards! I always misplace journals because I move them around so much.


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