April 23, 2012

It's Time. Do You Feel It?

Right now, at this very place in your life, you are at a crossroads. Do you feel it? A fresh start, a new beginning. It's a chance to refocus, breath, and rest. You've been running....running from the One who wants to give you everything He has for your enjoyment, for your good and for His glory.. It's time...time to run into His arms and begin again.

Don't overthink it...you know it is time. Put every excuse aside, knowing that the Creator of the Universe longs to hold you in His safe arms once again, to whisper the greatest love ever told, right into your heart. It's all for you sweetheart, He adores you. He wants to help you with every step of your life. He knows where you are going, won't you take His hand and let Him lead you there?


I am so glad you that you stopped by today! What's on your mind?


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