April 24, 2012

Texture Tuesday - WaterColour eDition

When my grandmother died several years back, I was thrilled to inherit not only her china hutch, but her tea cup and saucer collection.  Honestly, they don't fit my decor, nor do I have a special affinity for tea cups, but because she loved them, so do I.  I have such great memories with this china hutch as the background.  It sat in the dining room, so every Sunday dinner after church was set to the backdrop of china and other dishes carefully on display on this hutch.

Even after all these years, the only items on the hutch that are mine are the items on the top of the hutch.  One of these days I might be brave enough to pack some of it away.  Those beautiful rose colored wine glasses on the top shelf were used for our first toast at our wedding.  A few of those precious teacups are all lined up.  There's even one of Grandpa's pipes hanging in the spoon rest!

One of my favorite teacups in her collection is the one with the violets on it, so I decided to use it in this weeks WaterColour eDition photo challenge.

I used Kim's 'Oh My' texture at 80% opacity on multiply and 'Grunged Up' at 100% on soft light.  It is a great tribute to my Grandma.

Not the best photo, but I sure miss her!!



  1. Neat! Very nice.

  2. Beautifully done - and such a great tribute. I really like your composition and the addition of the violets is a nice touch.

  3. I love the shot of the teacup and the violets! Beautiful work.
    It's wonderful that you've inherited something from your grandmother that was so meaningful to you.


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