May 22, 2012

The Light of Life - Texture Tuesday

The Texture Tuesday challenge this week was Light.  I pulled my bible into the center of the room to take in the morning sunlight and snapped away.  I thought it a perfect representation of light, through it's contents and the morning light.  I used Kim's Revolution and Music Loving textures.

My original photo:

The theme of light, just wouldn't let me go this week, so I played a bit with some other photos as well.  I caught this clematis at sundown.

I used a double layer of Kim's Paper Stained texture on Pin Light at 75%, along with some color adjustments.  It really didn't need much!!

I was really happy to catch some rays on this one.  I may have overprocessed here, but I was having fun.  I texturized with Kim's Felicity at 50% Soft Light and PDPA's Antique Farewell at 80% Pin Light.  I made a few contrast and curve adjustments as well.  It's one of those photos that I'm not sure how I feel about the edits, so be sure to let me know what you think!!

And I can't resist throwing this beauty into the mix, completely unaltered!!  Pure is good too!!

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  1. I need some lessons. Beautiful. I like the first clematis. The 2nd one is too dark. The last certainly plays with the light. Of course,all are beautiful.

  2. I like your pictures and the text about "light of the world"

  3. Each and every one is a delight! The "light of the world" image is beautifully thought out, photographed, and edited. And personally, I love the "over-processed" clematis image. I'm one who rather likes my textures to be obvious. ;-)

    1. Evelyn, I like seeing the textures too. Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. Your Bible image is absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Oh so beautiful, Cherie! Love them all!


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