May 24, 2012

School's Out For Summer!!

School's out for summer!!

sing along with us.....

School's out for summer!!

This is always a day that we celebrate around here, with three kids done with school, plus one husband!  Life changes around this house at this time of the year, and it takes all of us a little adjustment time to get used to all being home at the same time.

For many years I have thrown a "Welcome To Summer" party for the family the day school gets out.  The plan is always a secret.  Sometimes the family gets gifts, sometimes we go on an impromptu trip, or sometimes we just go out to eat and celebrate.

This was a family gift year!  The girls each opened gifts, knowing they are all family gifts to enjoy together.

Legos!  Our family loves legos.  This will keep them busy because once they open a new set it gets them all re-interested in the boxes and boxes of legos we have in the basement.  It will provide days worth of entertainment!!

And a new family game!  We played this game at some friends' house and we all loved it.  It is very fun, and the best part is that you don't know who is winning until the very end!  This keeps littler ones interested and not wanting to give up.  I don't know if your family needs that, but ours does sometimes!  Ticket to Ride is a great family game for all ages.

Doesn't K look really excited to open it???  yeah, it's that fun!!

Hopefully next week we'll be taking a little 24 hour trip to a new destination, but the girls don't know that yet!

School's out for summer!!

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  1. Come to my house for a camp out!


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