May 29, 2012

Ten Truths About Me

It seems to take a long time to be comfortable in who you are.  I never would have guessed it would take me this long, 40 some years, to be comfortable in my own skin.  But it feels good to be here, in this place, content, comfortable, happy.  As I reflect on this place, I thought I'd share Ten Truths About Me.

1.  I'm in a very creative place right now with my photography and Photoshop, and I am having a blast doing it. {I love Texture Tuesdays!}

2.  I'm hoping to be brave enough to begin selling my photography very soon! {did I just say that?}

3.  Summer is my absolutely favorite time of the year.  I spend much of the day outside.  I don't mind the heat as much as the rest of the family.  I adore time in my garden and back yard.

4.  I'm reading through the entire Bible this summer from Memorial Day to Labor Day. (Bible in 90 Days program)  I'm excited my Husband is joining me on this adventure.  We'll have some great discussions as we read together.

5.  I hate cleaning house.

6.  I am shocked at how my life continues to evolve.  I feel the same as I did 15 years ago, but I continue learning new things and enjoying old things.

7.  My girls are growing up too fast!!

8. I love road trips with the family.  We are currently planning for this summer's trip, possibly north through the Dakotas and Montana, into Canada.  I can't wait! (This is when I love digital cameras the most!!)

9.  My Husband is my absolute best friend, and I couldn't possibly live without him.

10.  Organization is not my strength and sometimes it drives me crazy!

Just for fun, I'm hosting a fun photography challenge for Moms and their kids.  Come check it out  We're calling it Mommy & Me Photography Challenge.!

Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings

My photo above: Two layers of Kim Klassen's texture 'Oh My' at Soft Light 100%, Kim's 'PaperStained' texture on Overlay at 100%, a new texture 'Cocoa Linen' at 50% color burn, and a few adjustment layers for brightness and exposure.


  1. Sell away girl. Your pictures are as pretty as I've seen. Should sell easily. If you got it, flaunt it!

  2. Your photo is amazing!! I love it

  3. Beautiful photo - and exciting time in your life - Go For It!!

  4. Love your list and want to look into that. I read the Bible through last year in 90 rocked my world and I want to do that again. And for your husband...isn't it wonderful!

  5. You have some exciting things happening this year! Enjoy them all! Your photos are beautiful, and sounds like your family is too! Nothing better than being married to your best friend.

  6. Beautiful image! And good luck selling your photos (that's something I'd like to do, too.)

  7. I say sell them! You're a great photographer, the pics are amazing! And I feel ya on the kids, mine are growing up WAY too fast! Don't blink!

  8. Your photos on Flickr are lovely. I don't think you will have any problem selling some.
    Thanks for sharing your 10 things!


  9. Nice blog. It is wonderful to get to know you. I love your positiveness.
    Bobbie C.

  10. Wonderful photo. Enjoyed reading your tens!

  11. Dropping by from Beyond Layers -- loved reading your ten truths. So good to see there's somebody who admits to 5 & 10... But you know, I for one am perfectly well organized, I just can't make things look like it... Thank you for sharing!


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