May 15, 2012

Texture Tuesday - Sail Away

I love Texture Tuesday's with Kim Klassen because it makes me really focus on my photography and forces me to learn and grow in Photoshop.  Today's challenge was an easy, one texture assignment.

I've always loved this photo that I took while visiting the Golden Isles of Georgia, so I decided to dust it off and give it some treatments.  I added one layer of PDPA's Fabrique Texture at Soft Light 100% and Kim's Paper Stain on Soft Light at 75%.

This one just might go on a wall of my living room!!



  1. This photo is perfect for your text. And the textures are wonderful!
    Have a good day!


  2. Love the quotes and your photo. The textures are just perfect for it

  3. Lovely image and the text addition really makes it.

  4. I love the text fading in across this image, the composition is perfect too, lovely!

  5. Great image and the quote fits perfectly. Lovely use of texture too.

  6. As I scrolled down from the header, I knew I was going to love this photo!! The pale blue sky with soft texture was already exciting me! And a Mark Twain quote! It is a perfect beautiful blend of photo, and textures. Yes, I too would hang it on my wall!


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