June 19, 2012

Texture Tuesday - Anticipation

Sometimes editing photos comes easily.....but then sometimes it doesn't.  I wanted to combine Texture Tuesday this week with my assignment of "Green" for the Beyond Layers class.  It did not come easily...the photo OR the editing!

Do you ever go out to take photos, having something in your mind to capture, but the camera, the lighting, the wind and the subject just can't seem to get it all together to match what is in your mind?  yea, that.

I hope you enjoy my green purple coneflower.  Watching their progression from green to purple is always a beautiful transformation.

I used a layer of Kim's 'Paper Stained' at 85% on Multiply.


  1. Neat. I like that.

  2. Wow! Truly artistic ♥ Love love love this!!!

  3. Yes, to your question. I have something in my mind that I can't quite translate into the photo! I truly love this expression of "green" Bravo! Joining you from texture Tues.

  4. Yeah, I remember those days of going out to shoot for a purpose. I have learned not to expect anything when I go out, but to see what reveals itself to me...then I am usually amazed at all there is to capture. I love the intensity of your photo, it turned out beautifully!

  5. Wonderful work. Love how the flower pop's out of the background.

  6. I have lots of moment like that...I love green and this is a lovely composition where the colors really pop.

  7. It turned out perfect, Cherie! I love all the shades of green in this green flower, not yet bloomed! Mine bloomed this week, and now they are pink petals instead of green.

  8. Really beautiful!

    I hate it when i have an idea of what i want and cant get it but sometimes better comes out of it!

    Seen on Kim Klassen TT.


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