August 1, 2013

Field of Lace - Flower Art Friday

Stop the car!

My husband just loves when I yell it out of nowhere!  But he also knows I was traveling with camera in hand, so that was all the warning he had when we rounded a corner in the Shawnee National Forest and came across a field of Queen Anne's lace. A field of weeds to most, but one of my favorite, intricate little wildflowers.

This is textured with 2 layers of  Pixel Art's 'ornate linen' on soft light, and 2 layers of 'painterly' on overlay.

I was pretty happy with the original as well:

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  1. Great editing job, the original was stunning the textures just added that little bit extra.

  2. Beautiful texturization, love how the edit brings out the colours! And they *are* beautiful flowers, too! Thanks - now I know what they're called as well... :)

  3. I agree both the original and the edited versions are quite lovely. I think the edited gives it just a bit more definition. Queen Anne's lace is so pretty.

  4. I love them both too, I have so many pictures of this lovely 'wild flower' I just love her. I am trying to find a safe place to stop and take photos of her in seed here just now.

  5. Cherie - the original is lovely - as is the abstract feel you've given it with the textures and edits!

  6. I love Queen Ann's Lace and would stop the car to get pictures as well ... so naturally, I love your original picture and think your edited version is simply beautiful. And, how lucky you are to visit the Shawnee National Forest ... wish I could be a fly on the visor :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol


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