January 27, 2014

Baby It's Cold Outside!

It has been a weird and wacky winter here in Illinois.  We've had our share of snow, but what we can't seem to get rid of is sub zero temperatures and wind.  Again last night the wind was ferocious, topping out at near 50 mph, dipping our temperatures in the negatives, with wind chills near -30 degrees.  School was canceled once again, which makes 5 days for us missing school.  The kids love it of course, but I have had my fill.  It means I will need to work longer into the summer, which I do not want to do.  It may be mid-June before my summer will begin. Not fun for this garden lover!

So I am posting a daisy photo, trying to cheer myself with the hope of coming Spring!  Textured with Kim's Plastered, Havana and Now.

We had a brief break in the extreme cold last weekend and took advantage of it to get outside a bit at a state park.  Thought I'd share this photo of my youngest enjoying the snow.

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  1. Gorgeous images. Waiting for spring as well.

  2. I love the lid you used! I would have never thought to use that, but it keeps the flowers nice and separate.

  3. Love this cheery photo! We are in northern Indiana and experiencing weather much like yours and I am tired of the snow days as well! Mine go back tomorrow although on a delay - Here's to spring :)

  4. I love your daisies, they just pop with that beautiful blue background. I love the photo of your daughter also, she looks so pretty surrounded by all those snowflakes. I live in California and just hoping for some rain to end the drought we are in now!

  5. I adore that daisy photo. And I'm with Sherri Cassell...we're desperate for rain..it was 72* degrees today. Now to some that might seem divine...but not in drought conditions, ripe for fires, and january.

  6. What lovely pictures.
    The first one belongs framed on a wall! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Such wonderful photos! I can so relate - I'm impatiently waiting for spring myself… ;-)


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