February 8, 2014

Changes Necessary with Time Progression

Isn't that a catchy title?  You know what it means, don't you?  No?  It simply means I am getting old {ahem} and have had to start making some changes in the way I care for this body that is detiorating with the passage of time.  Doesn't the "passage of time" sound better than "getting old"?  I thought so!  LOL

Have you noticed your body changing?  It just doesn't seem to work quite the way it used to; doesn't respond the same.

Several months ago I began looking for something that would help me through PMS.  It was like a Dragon taking over my life for 10 days every months, breathing fire at anyone and anything that came into my path.  The Dragon brought bloating, moodiness, fatigue and pain with her when she descended upon me.  I was a wreck!

I began reading about the effectiveness of Essential Oils.  I read and researched A LOT!  I decided it was certainly worth a try to chase this Dragon away.

Well let me just say, not only did I chase the Dragon away, Essential Oils SLAYED that Dragon!  I began a very easy habit in the morning, right after stepping out of the shower, of rubbing the oil Clary Sage, mixed with Jojoba oil right across my bikini line.  Simple, quick, easy.  I didn't think I would see an immediately change, but once I had been doing this for a few weeks, I noticed a change in my energy levels on a daily basis.  I hadn't even tested the PMS theory yet!  So holdING my breath, when my week of PMS began....NOTHING!  I mean NO SYMPTOMS!  I wasn't crabby, I wasn't exhausted, I wasn't bloated.


Needless to say, I have continued this regiment-so very easy-and have enjoyed pain free PMS for several months.  Clary Sage also works very fast and effectively when used neat, which means without another oil like Jojoba to go with it,  for cramps.  I simply rub it across my lower belly and way 10 minutes.  SO MUCH BETTER!  And much healthier than downing 4 ibubrofen every 4 hours!

After that experiment, so very successful, I have begun trying various other oils for all kinds of ailments and sickness, and I am so pleasantly surprised.  If you would like more information about essential oils, please let me know.  I can't believe how amazing they are!

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I've been considering Essential Oils for a while, and am already hooked up with a Young Living consultant.


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