March 5, 2014

Learning The Hard Way; My Adventure with Essential Oils

I really hate learning lessons the hard way.  But alas, it has happened more than once!

When I first started learning about Essential Oils, like many people probably, I thought all oils were the same. {ahem}  This idea sent me to my local organic foods store looking for oils.  Sure enough, they had a plethora of oils all lined up for me, and they were so inexpensive!  I was thrilled.

Something led me to start reading about Young Living.  As I learned more, and researched more, they were claiming to be the only 100% pure, therapeutic grade oils on the market.  So I researched what that meant.  WOW.  What I learned blew my mind!  It turns out, my little find at the grocery store was nothing more than fake oils with additives and synthetics.  Yes, their labels claim that are 100% oils, but because they are not regulated by the FDA, they can put whatever they want on the label.

Here's the difference:  If you read the label on any oil other than Young Living, it says "not for internal use".  Know why?  Because it isn't 100% pure!  It has ingredients that would harm you if swallowed!

Young Living's oils are made without any adulteration.  That means they are kept completely pure, no additives; they are made in temperature controled environments, as heat can destroy the therapeutic properties.


My lesson was learned first hand, as I was using the "other" lemon oil, it stained my fingers!  That means it has some kind of coloring agent added to it.  We had applied the "other" lavender to a burn, and it did absolutely nothing to treat it.

Young Living is the real deal.  These oils have tremendous capabilities to heal.  If you want alternatives to all the junk in your medicine chest, look into Young Living oils.  They are completely natural ways to heal!

Want to learn more?  Check out Young Living here.  You will be amazed!  If you are interested in receiving a 24% discount on your oils, click here.

As always, I will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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