February 18, 2014

Pretty Little Wax Flower - Texture Tuesday

Winter has been brutal here in central Illinois.  As I type, it is snowing again.  Another 4-7" expected on top of the foot we already have on the ground.  Whew.  So I needed to go out in search of some spring to get me through!

Sometimes I just have to go to the flower shop and ask if I can shop in their cooler!  I don't need a whole bouquet, I just needed a few little things to photograph to lift my spirits!  They didn't disappoint with this cute little wax flower.  Very fragrant too!

I used Kim's "Red" texture at 80% soft light and then texturized with mosaic.  Easy peasy! Linking up today with Texture Tuesday.


  1. Your wax flowers are beautiful! I really like what you did with the texture. I have a florist that keeps the flowers in the coolers in buckets and you get to go in to pick out your flowers. Usually I go into the cooler and freeze, this winter it has been so cold, the cooler has felt good!

  2. What a beautiful photo - love the little wax flowers - and what you did with the texture here is amazing! My mom lives in the suburbs of Chicago and it has been a brutal winter there this year.

  3. Flower shops are so fun to visit, and the staff are so friendly. Wax flowers were in a bouquet I had last year and I loved them. Your pale blue vase is a nice compliment to these! Wishing you warmer weather very soon!

  4. These little purple gems are so pretty! I bet they cheered up your day :) Hope you'll see spring outside soon!


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