July 12, 2011

Garden Gloves Extraordinaire

For as long as I have been gardening, I had always used gloves like these.  You know, the sturdy ones.  The bulky ones.  The hot ones.

On one of my many stops at Niepagan's, I saw these gloves hanging on the rack.  I asked Ann about them.  She handed them to me and said, "You have to try them!"

Well I gave them two months worth of everyday, steady work in my garden, and I absolutely love them!  I have the full dexterity of my fingers for pulling the smallest of weeds, but also the protection of the pads from sticklers.  The bonus is that the fabric is so light that it is able to breath and not be hot.  And hey, they're pink...what's not to love?

What a refreshing change for gardening gloves.  I can't recommend these Atlas Nitrile Touch gloves highly enough!  Go get yourself some!!

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